Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Are they serious?

Sadly this appears to not be an April Fools Joke.

An activist company called "Toothfish" have created a poster of John Key in Nazi uniform.  They want it published throughout the country before the September 2014 election.

It's very important to state how offensive this is.  The uniform still shows a skull and crossbones.  If these "activists" seriously think New Zealand is anything like the Genocidal state of Nazi Germany they need their heads read.  If they don't, then they should stand up and acknowledge how ridiculous and offensive this is.

If I was a National supporter, I'd be quietly happy.  It's so laughable and polarising, it's more likely to turn people off their cause.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Helen Clark impressed on first visit to Israel

It was good to see a lot of positive reports from Helen Clark's first visit as the UN Development Program. 

She visited both Israeli and Palestinian representatives, and generally held herself well.

I didn't see too much political comment, but lots of positive things like this article telling about how she was blown away by Israeli innovation.  From a former NZ PM, she would be very familiar with NZ innovation, so this is a big statement.

Given people are suggesting her as a possible head of the UN, it is good to see her not pulling political sides, as many in the past have suggested she may be anti Israel.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NZ Labour Party appoints Matt McCarten as Chief of Staff

The New Zealand Labour party has strangely appointed Matt McCarten as Chief of Staff.  This is a bizarre move if they actually plan to win government - surely they would need to chase the center vote.  This appears to be a move aimed at winning back the Green vote, maybe to shore up a shot at the 2017 election.

Chances are it may have the opposite effect, in that it drives the center left away. 

Given Matt McCarten's outwardly hostile and offensive comments towards Jews and Israel, I can only hope that Labour never get close to power while he is around.  While he is, the Green party are looking more centrist - especially when you consider he last came from Mana.

No evidence in Khazar theory

There's no chance this will convince people, but a study shows there is no evidence in the theory that Ahkenazi Jews are descended from Khazars.

The most important quote of course is this:

Of course, the fact that a major study finds no basis to the Khazar theory won’t make it go away. But next time you run into some academic promoting it, check their motives. they should be worn visibly on their sleeve.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Some of Auckland's gay community support their own persecution

This is really strange.  You think a Gay Pride march would be supportive of countries which support freedoms and equality, whilst against those which are against.

Not so a group in Auckland.  Someone compared "Queers for Palestine" a bit like "Turkeys for Thanksgiving".  It doesn't make sense.

Anyway, I look forward to them attending Gay Pride week in Gaza City.  I hope they like motorcycle rides, but it might not be quite what they expect.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Palestinians that are also Egyptian and Syrian

A lot of commentators, especially in Australia and New Zealand, like to refer to Palestinians as "indigenous".  This seems strange, when many come from other Arab countries.  This article has some interesting points.

  • Arafat was born in Egypt
  • Hamas Minister with large amount of Egyptian family wished to vote in Egyptian election
  • Large influx of Egyptians in the 1800s
The (1831-1840) conquest, by Egypt’s Mohammed Ali, was solidified by a flow of Egyptian and Sudanese migrants settling empty spaces between Gaza and Tul-Karem up to the Hula Valley. They followed in the footsteps of thousands of Egyptian draft dodgers, who fled Egypt before 1831 and settled in Acre. The British traveler, H.B. Tristram, identified, in his 1865 The Land of Israel: a journal of travels in Palestine (p. 495), Egyptian migrants in the Beit-Shean Valley, Acre, Hadera, Netanya and Jaffa.
The British Palestine Exploration Fund documented that Egyptian neighborhoods proliferated in the Jaffa area: Saknet el-Mussariya, Abu Kebir, Abu Derwish, Sumeil, Sheikh Muwanis, Salame’, Fejja, etc. In 1917, the Arabs of Jaffa represented at least 25 nationalities, including Persians, Afghanis, Hindus and Balochis. Hundreds of Egyptian families settled in Ara’ Arara’, Kafer Qassem, Taiyiba and Qalansawa.
“Ibrahim Pasha, Palestine’s Egyptian conqueror, had left behind him permanent colonies of Egyptian immigrants at Beisan, Nablus, Irbid, Acre and Jaffa. Some 500 Egyptian soldiers’ families established a new quarter [in Jaffa], and that was only one among countless similar situations.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Julie Bishop: "Don't call settlements illegal"

Australia's Foreign Minister has repaired ties that Bob Carr tried to destroy with his moronic push for votes.

In an exclusive interview with the Times of Israel she questioned why settlements are illegal.

Asked whether she agrees or disagrees with the near-universal view that Israeli settlements anywhere beyond the 1967 lines are illegal under international law, she replied: “I would like to see which international law has declared them illegal.”
The position that settlements breach international law — adopted by the United Nations Security Council, the European Union and many other states and international bodies, but rejected by Israel — is based on an interpretation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Article 49, paragraph 6, states that an occupying power “shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.” Violations of the convention are considered war crimes under international law. Israel is a party to the convention and therefore bound by it.
“Our interest is in a negotiated peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians and we believe that every opportunity should be given to those negotiations to proceed to its solution,” said Bishop, who came to Israel on Monday to attend the funeral of former prime minister Ariel Sharon. “I don’t think it’s helpful to prejudge the settlement issue if you’re trying to get a negotiated solution. And by deeming the activity as a war crime, it’s unlikely to engender a negotiated solution.”
Her aim is a negotiated peace agreement.  Thankfully there seems to be unilateral support by the major parties in Australia,